3 Best Reasons to Walk With God Now

Despite the storms. Despite disappointments. Despite the fury of fighting haters and hard knocks. When life flips you over, it’s time to rise up and walk with God. Well, isn’t it?

That’s what I asked during a recent walk with my husband. We hit the trail near our house. The path is plain. Ups and downs. Twists and turns. Much like life.

“Let’s do this every day,” I said to Dan. For sure, we need it. A walk outdoors clears out the dust. John Muir, the naturalist, said it this way: “Going out, I found, was really going in.”

Only one kind of walk is better.

The walk that takes us to God.

Yeah, I’m going there. Especially now. Our divided world is stumbling fast—hurting and hating—all without hope. Or so it seems. Spend 5 minutes on social media and you feel like hurting and hating, too.

Where can we go to re-set? Our spiritual compass? Our holy navigation? Just one place. Into the light: the heart of God.

That’s exactly where a good walk takes us. Setting a good pace, bundled against the chill, Dan and I left behind the day’s noisy struggles—then quickly got this gift from God:

His long view.

Godly perspective changes everything. Instead of jawing about the day’s latest mess—of which there is plenty—we started dreaming, wow, about next summer? And where we’d like to go? And do? And serve? Not just together. But with God.

Such godly perspective reminds us He’s in charge. We point our feet to His sovereignty, power, reign and rule.

No prince, principality, potentate or politician will ever subsume Him. Ever.

So here you go. Two more best reasons to walk with God now:

His power and joy. As we walked, to no surprise, Dan and I got to laughing. You know that feeling. Despite life’s pain and hardness, when we let go, we still can find joy—confident and grateful, despite everything—that we’re still living it.

It’s part surrender. Part common sense. Part realizing that Jesus really meant it when he said he came to give us life—life to the full (John 10:10). Laughter included.

So finally–one last best reason to walk with God now:

His great courage. Times like these call for bravery. For speaking out, standing up, walking tall, taking on battles. But also doing right.  During an argument with a Facebook stranger, of all things, I got ugly quick. Then pulled back. I apologize, I typed. Impossible? Only with God’s power.

Add it all up and what do we get? His amazing love. For all of us.

In old-school style, Stevie Wonder said it like this: Many of us feel we walk alone without a friend/Never communicating with the one who lives within.

Our part of the deal? To reach back and love this world anyway. Especially when it doesn’t love us. But first, go for a walk. Then as we go? Our God leads.

Patricia Raybon is an award-winning author of books and essays on mountain-moving faith.

For more inspiration, check out her pocket-sized devotional, Beautiful Blessings from God. Or consider the full-size version, covering the entire year—the One Year® God’s Great Blessings Devotional

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(All Scriptures quoted, unless noted otherwise, are the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible.)

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14 thoughts on “3 Best Reasons to Walk With God Now

  1. God bless you for this.
    Walking with God is the best way to loose “physical and spiritual weights”!!
    One could never be overweight with the burdens of life.

    1. Well said, Ola! Spiritual AND physical weights. May God deliver us from this overweight of burdens. Thanks for your wisdom!

  2. Reminds me of Mother Teresa’s poem, “Do it anyway.” That’s what light is suppose to do, shine, not to be hidden under a lampshade. When you love your neighbor AS yourself (as an equal, we both win), and not FOR (I win/you lose) nor INSTEAD OF yourself (You win/I lose), then you want the best for both individuals. Little by little my light is getting brighter.

    1. Rich wisdom, Kevin Cullis. “Do it anyway.” Love anyway. In these divided and fractious times, may God strengthen us to obey!

  3. Walking with him now well over thirty years; everyday with him gets sweeter and better. The things we have shared, the times we have had. I have been able to grow ( spiritually, emotionally, intellectually. The walk has totally enveloped all areas of my life. I love it. The best part for me, he has answered my deepest desire. I wanted to grow and know me, but not in the way the world offers. NO!! I wanted to experience the best kind of growth. Not being shaped by anything external but being transformed everyday by experiencing the power of God. Almost 3/4 the journey of this temporal life, sheer bliss. Anticipating the remainder with the wonderment of a child. ” Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. ‘Matthew 18:3 KJV: God bless you. Thanks for your blog

    1. Dear Jessy – I love your excitement about the Lord! Reading your comments, I can feel your great love, enthusiasm and gratitude for the privilege of walking with God. May every step prove to be, as you say, “sheer bliss.” Thank you painting a picture of the journey. Your witness inspired all of us to get on the Jericho Road and follow Him!

  4. P.S Patricia, it was today (February 6, 2017) , you came to my mind. I came home and saw the email. I remembered your situation with your daughter and thoughts along that line with some issues personally. I have turned it over to the Lord. I am so glad I am not God. He is able. Thank you Lord for your goodness and your greatness.

    1. Grateful with you that “I am not God.” He IS able. All by Himself. For all of our situations, with family members and beyond, He is in charge. What relief to know His great love. May He empower His people to share His love by showing it. You did that with your prayers for me and my family–and I sincerely thank you!

  5. I sometimes think of Dinah Washington singing, “What a Difference A Day Makes.” If something gets me really down as in almost immobile for more than a day then I say I have a real (whether imagined or not) problem which must be investigated and strategized for elimination. Then I get to work.
    When I was in my 20’s, I danced and danced which I later perceived as an Africanism, our inherited way of balancing our energy. It worked for stress relief and a change of attitude whether or not I made the best decision(s). In the present of my life, I have been made aware of the many blessings that God has bestowed upon me as I traveled up the “Rough Side of the Mountain,” seemingly with no relief in sight. I realize God has always been with me for there is No Way I could be where I am now in life without him. Now my concern is, am I with him? What would He have me do in any given situation? Unorganized but honest thoughts.

    1. Great thoughts, Murial. I love your insight that, based on where you are in life now, there is NO WAY you’d be there without God always being with you. That is a precious AND powerful realization–one we all could do well to consider. Thanks for lifting up that wisdom. Help us, Lord, as we walk, to remember you created our path and you’ve always been there. That’s a halleluiah, Murial. Thank you!

      1. Truly inspiring comments! Accidentally came across your Website and Blogs. Found it to be really inspirational! May the Lord bless you and your Team to continue the good work you all are doing! Please remember me and my Family in your Prayers.
        Joseph Samuel

        1. Thank you so much, Joseph. I appreciate your kind words. It’s wonderful to connect in Jesus’ name. Peace and blessings on you and your family. You are God’s servant. Praying you will serve Him well. Warmest regards and kind thanks, Patricia

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