Watching Black Panther With God

The first time I was called the n-word—by a little white girl barely 5 years old—I faced a remarkable choice. Listen to hate? Or listen to God? But who does God say that I am? I’d heard this question my entire life, especially as a follower of Christ. But I heard it in a new […]

What Is God Saying Now?

All night long I listened for God. What is He telling us? After hearing more hate. After feeling more scorn. After enduring more uncivil insult? What do we hear, indeed, from God who created us all? Those were my questions after hearing of a President’s vulgar put down of Haiti and Africa—and their immigrants. I tried […]

Hearing God Better in 2018

Enough of the noise. Instead, for 2018, my top goal for life is simple. I want to hear God. How? Better. Better than what? Well, the world. And the world’s noise. The angry people shouting at each other. The hurt people shouting back. The clutter and contention of our lives. Surely, after 2017, we know […]

Killing Our Fear With Kindness

I’d refused to see the movie “Wonder.” Medical dramas make me cry. And this story, about a little boy with a severe facial deformity—struggling to fit in at his new school—looked to be a full blown tearjerker. It is, indeed. (Bring tissues.) That’s because “Wonder”—based on the best-selling children’s novel by author R.J. Palacio—is about […]

What Would Heather Do?

That’s the real question. After Charlottesville. After Neo-Nazi thugs. After KKK “patriots.” After white supremacists show up on your doorstep to spread terror and hate in your own hometown, what would Heather do? Well, we found out. Heather D. Heyer, who was murdered Saturday morning when a white supremacist plowed his car into a crowd […]

Let There Be Cake!

My birthday is this month, so I’m getting warm greetings in the mail. Not just from family. But from business “friends.” Our insurance agent. A favorite restaurant. Even from my local Hallmark store. As their pretty little message says: “Let there be cake!” But what does that mean? Why should we celebrate birthdays? And when […]

Doing Less for God

A rich man inspires this little story, one you’ve probably heard. It’s called the Mexican Fisherman Story and it’s a parable about simplicity. About gaining more by doing less. About living at God’s perfect pace, not just during Lent—but always. Here’s the story: An American businessman was standing on the pier of a small coastal […]

You Will Always Eat at My Table

Am I pretty enough? Handsome enough? Hip enough? Spiritual enough? Even for God? To find the best answer, my good friend Michele Cushatt tackled these questions after a brutal bout with tongue cancer led her to search for her value–resulting in her newest best-selling book, I Am. From that journey, she shares below one priceless life […]

3 Best Reasons to Walk With God Now

Despite the storms. Despite disappointments. Despite the fury of fighting haters and hard knocks. When life flips you over, it’s time to rise up and walk with God. Well, isn’t it? That’s what I asked during a recent walk with my husband. We hit the trail near our house. The path is plain. Ups and […]

Keep Chasing Your Crazy and Impossible Big Dream

You’re too close to quit. You’re too smart to fail. But when you do, you jump back up and get moving. That’s how dreams become real. How do I know? First, I’m riding today in an airplane. Once just a dream. First of the Greek Archytas. Then of Leonardo da Vinci. Then finally of those […]