Let There Be Cake!

My birthday is this month, so I’m getting warm greetings in the mail. Not just from family. But from business “friends.” Our insurance agent. A favorite restaurant. Even from my local Hallmark store. As their pretty little message says: “Let there be cake!”

But what does that mean? Why should we celebrate birthdays? And when they come around again, how should we mark them? Not just for ourselves, but for God and His world?

These are vital question on any day, but especially on a birthday. Eating cake? Sweet enough. Celebrating yourself with friends? Truly wonderful. But there’s far more to consider on a birthday than frosting or fetes.

Such as, what will we do with another fresh year? Or what will we be?

For starters, we could first thank God, who knows our days, for gracing us with more precious life.

Then we could seek Him for new goals. For fresh direction and smarter dreams. Or ask Him for more courage? Sharper vision? Greater wisdom? Greater opportunity to share Him more?

These aren’t idle thoughts. Choosing how we spend each year can actually help us live longer plus reduce depression, reports AARP. (See “Planning to Live to 100? Volunteer!”)

So on a birthday, how can we shift our focus and start anew? For answers, I went to the Holy Bible.

What did I find? Not birthday parties, but people of purpose ready to be used by God–despite their age. That means young heroes–such as Daniel, Jeremiah, Timothy and Stephen. But there’s also the shepherd boy David, the little servant girl of Naaman’s wife (1 Kings 5: 1-19) and the young lad who shared his meager lunch with Jesus–allowing the Lord to transform five barley loaves and two fish into a feast for 5,000 (John 6:9).

Yet Bible heroes “of age” also drive the Bible narrative. So we find:

  • Abraham, called at 100 with his wife Sarah, who was 90, to bear a covenant son and parent a nation.  Genesis 17:17
  • Moses, called at age 80 to lead the Israelites out of Egypt (Exodus 7:7) with Aaron who was 83.
  • Zacharias and Elizabeth who were “both well advanced in years” when they became the parents of John the Baptist (Luke 1:7).
  • Noah who built an ark by faith, the flood covering the earth when he was “600 years old” (Genesis 7:6).

These and other “elders” affirm the psalmist’s belief that God rules birthdays. Indeed, wrote David, the godly in old age will “still produce fruit,” remaining “vital and green” (Psalm 92:12-14)–flourishing “like the palm tree” (KJV).

With each fresh year, then, we can reach new heights. But in our own strength? Definitely not, says Pastor Charles Stanley who, at age 84, reminds us that “flesh is insufficient.”

Let us depend instead on Holy Spirit power. As Stanley adds: “Only the Holy Spirit living inside us has the strength and wisdom to live out the Christian life victoriously.”

And that’s worth celebrating. So let there be cake. But also faith, surrender, hope, service and love. Then every year will be sweeter. Why? His good fruit in us.

Patricia Raybon is an award-winning author of books and essays on mountain-moving faith.

For more inspiration, check out her pocket-sized devotional, Beautiful Blessings from God. Or consider the full-size version covering the entire year—the One Year® God’s Great Blessings Devotional

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All Scriptures quoted, unless noted otherwise, are the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible.

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16 thoughts on “Let There Be Cake!

  1. Patricia: Happy Birthday! May God grant you many more! As always, I love your work!
    Dorothy Adams

    1. Hi Helen Peterson! So great to connect today. Wonderful to hear from you. Appreciate your friendship and support so much. Peace, love and sincere thanks! Love from me.

  2. Hi Patricia. I was just walking to an appointment and for some reason I started thanking God for legs that can walk (I need new knees 😳), for eyes that can see, hands that can paint watercolor, a nose to smell the Linden tree blossoms ….. well on and on I went because at 72 years old I feel like everyday is I am “eating cake”. So much of life is taken for granted. Everyday is the first day of the rest of my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to You. And many more.
    Celebrating too..

    1. What beautiful thoughts, Sharon! Thanks so much for sharing. You put it so well: “Everyday is the first day of the rest of my life.” Now that is total gratitude. Thank you so much.

  3. Happy Happy to one who gives us Much Inspiration!! Yes I look at every Birthday as my very own Personal New Year!! May God continue to Bless You, and many more Years to come. Sis Jeweldine Blair

    1. Blessings on you, Mrs. Jeweldine Blair! You are a blessing to all you encounter. May you continue to inspire for many more years to come. Peace, warmest thanks and much love from Pat

  4. Happy birthday Pat I too celebrated a birthday this month. And at the age of 58 I’m wondering what I want to do with my life. Overall I’m happy I’ve raised two beautiful girls and I’m watching with amazement as my grandsons grow up. Recently I found out Jasmine and her husband’s son was diagnosed with autism and muscular dystrophy. I try to encourage them to be stronger but find myself questioning God about why her child my grandson. I’ve always admired both you and Dan and even more so after reading some of your books. All that to say I want to be like you. I want to be an ambassador for my special needs grandson. Any thoughts or words of encouragement will be great. Keep up the good work looking forward to following your journey.

    1. Thank you, Brenda! So great to hear from you–and also to hear your update on Jasmine’s son. What an amazing challenge–to advocate for him. But the Lord has been preparing you, don’t you think, for this next chapter in your life story. Indeed, your desire to be an “ambassador” for your special needs grandson sounds absolutely awesome. The word “ambassador” shares a root meaning with the word “amble,” meaning to walk. So an ambassador walks the journey of support, going wherever needed to tell, educate, advocate and support a person or group. In that role, you will do mighty works for your grandson and so many others. Praying the Lord’s strength, guidance and power as you walk this journey for your sweet grandchild. God is able. Onward!

  5. Hi Pat,
    Happy happy Birthday!!! What a blessing.
    Nice hearing from you. I know I disappeared.
    2017 has been an extremely challenging year for me with attending anxiety. I am, however, grateful for the growth so I could say that’s my Cake! Where I’m headed? What to do?
    I remain prayerful hopefully for clear answers. My paternal grandmother used to say, “Patience ruleth the world.” GOD has been hanging in here with me but I need to get clear on my purpose.

    1. Blessings on you, Murial! Stay strong and encouraged. Speaking, indeed, of encouraging, you do that for other people SO well (whether you realize it or not)! Just the other day, I noticed that article of mine, from DECADES ago, that you sent to me–already laminated and preserved. When I showed it to my husband, he was so grateful you’d made the effort to save the piece, but also send it to me. That’s a true purpose: showing others they are valued and matter. Always remember this beautiful gift when you wonder “what’s my purpose”? Please know God is already using you to bless others, and using you VERY well. With love and much gratitude, Pat

  6. I was really moved by your “Final Thought” in the June issue of Daily Bread. I knew I needed to let go of a few things, but didn’t know how and began to wonder if it was even worth it to try. I was reminded that we can’t change the world, but we can change our part of it. Sometimes you need reminders to get back on track. It was very refreshing to hear a positive voice for a change. Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday!

    1. Sincere thanks, dear Susan. What a delight to hear from you through the pages of Our Daily Bread. Your kind feedback means so much. I never guessed one article on forgiveness would encourage so many to turn from bitterness to forgiveness. I’m grateful to God that He would use one writer’s humble words to remind His people to release our hurt to Him. I pray His love and deliverance as you walk this journey, Susan. As you say so well, “We can’t change the world, but we can change our part of it!” Amen. Thanks for reaching out and “refreshing” me, indeed, with your affirmation and kindness!

  7. Patricia, happy belated birthday!!! Thanks for all you do. I’m loving your ‘God’s Great Blessings Devotional’ you blessed me with. You are such an inspiration to me. The way you take what can be the most ordinary and make it extraordinary. I hear God through you and I can’t begin to tell you how that makes me feel. Sometimes I think He’s silent but He’s really never silent. Thanks for allowing the Holy Spirit to live and shine bright through you.

    1. You’re the best, Carolyn Mutcherson! Your kind feedback is blessing me greatly. Means so much. God can take our ordinary, indeed, and make it worthy. All praises to Him! Warmest regards today and sincere thanks. Love, Patricia

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