Let’s Stop Living on Leftovers

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I’m sitting in a church on Sunday morning after Thanksgiving. The pastor makes it clear what he’s not preaching. “No sermon called Let’s Stop Living on Leftovers.” As he explains: “It’s the most predicable sermon to preach the Sunday after Thanksgiving.”

He preaches powerfully on something else. Still, as he speaks, I keep thinking about the leftover problem–and why, spiritually, too many of us live on second best. Even if it falls short.

So we settle. Aim for good instead of great. Accept adequate instead of outstanding. Pray for okay instead of extraordinary. Living on spiritual leftovers instead of seeking God’s spiritual best.

Does that ever describe you? (Or me?)

If so, consider with me how lowered thinking contrasts with God. He gives His best breakthrough blessings daily.

So why not ask for His best? No, not things. Let’s ask for His spiritual best. Courage. Strength. Faith. Wisdom. Commitment. Persistence. Joy. And, yes, even Love.

Make your own “more” list, especially for 2017. And don’t hold back.

As a pastor friend once told me, “Most people worry they ask too much of God. In fact, most people don’t ask enough.”

Indeed, in the Bible, when God fed His people with “manna” from Heaven, some feared He would stop giving—so they tried to save the leftovers. But He ruined what they hoarded, leaving it wormy and rotten.

A tough lesson, but an important one. Stop living on leftovers.

Instead, let’s look to God to provide His best. To you. To me.

In return, how can we live and give as God?

  • Let’s stop doubting Him.
  • Let’s ask the Lord for a great vision. Especially on behalf of others.
  • Let’s work on our vision daily. Asking the Holy Spirit’s power to teach, guide and enable us. (This, in fact, was the pastor’s wonderful sermon on Sunday.)
  • So let’s give more daily. Especially on behalf others.
  • Finally, let’s listen to all the Lord asks of us. Here is His most important question:

“What do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10: 51-52)

That’s Jesus asking. So this question is life-changing.

Will we disappoint and answer small?  Settle for leftovers? Even for others? Or will we ask for God’s best—for ourselves, but especially on behalf of somebody else?

If you dare ask big, be assured He is cheering. Then get quiet and listen. He is answering our big-hearted plea. Yes.

Patricia Raybon is an award-winning author of books and essays on mountain-moving faith.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Living on Leftovers

  1. Patricia ,, thank you… I read your devotional in ADVENT,CT,,,,, 2016…. Soooo GOD directed!!! my pain with humans!! GOD created us equal,,, some are pinkish,, some are lt. brownish,, etc,, BUT ,, he created us equal, !!! the pain some “equal “humans go thro.. due to the tho’t that some folks want to pump their ego… My Presbyterian Church publishes ,,, 1/year,, 15 weaknesses of the human spirit.. “pride, power,, etc. ” when I read your “AUDACIOUS LIGHT” ,,, TO ME ,, IT WAS THE BEST IN THE PAMPHLET!!! THANK YOU,, like Martin Luther King said,,,judge not by the color of the skin but by the———-,,, !!!!!! keep looking toward the LIGHT that NEVER GOES OUT!!! (love the book of John) ,,, if you ever come to San Diego,, hope you can come for dinner,, I’ll prepare whatever you like!! jeanne shupala,

    1. I feel your frustration, too, Jeanne. Yet with God, we can rise above our differences and divides and become one in Christ. So, yes, the next time I’m in San Diego, let’s break bread together and connect! Peace and blessings, Patricia

  2. I love your “leftovers” theme; we really do settle for stale stuff when in fact “Thy mercies are new every morning!” I love the word “manna”–which in Hebrew literally means “What is it?” The parents named it for what the kids kept saying, “What is it?” I take this to mean a good Question can nurture us a long time! Jesus asked 307 questions and gets asked 183! We want answers but prayer is a way of getting a good question! Psalm-like….

    1. Thanks so much for your insight, Kent. Learning to ask questions has shown me more about who Jesus is than almost anything. Then to learn from you the meaning of manna opens the door even wider. So grateful to you for taking time to comment. You honor me with your time and wisdom. Thank you!

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